Last Day

Well it's my last day at the contract I've been in for two years now. It's been a really good time, great people and interesting work, but with IdeaJam taking off, LinkJam coming and the offer of some other consulting work it seems like a good time to try life out in the big wide world. So if you think I can help with any projects you have on the go then please feel free to contact me to have a chat!

I had tried to avoid any big leaving presentations but much as everyone promised not to do anything there was just a massive contingent of people around my desk with two great pressies and some very kind words. I always get terribly tongue tied in those sorts of situations, but I hope that everyone knows how appreciative I am of having worked with them and their generosity.

So tomorrow morning I'm flying off to New York for a few days break before the ramp up to ILUG begins. Overall, life is good, very good.