Sunday morning walk in the snow

IMG_0041.JPG If I have time on a Sunday then I like to go for a long walk somewhere in London to relax, think about what's going on in life and just stretch out from my otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

It was snowing and settling which is pretty rare in London, especially in April so I headed over to the West End with the aim of getting to Green Park. I hadn't really thought about the Olympic torch procession going through the city today. When I got to Marble Arch there were lots of police around. I mean huge numbers for a crawd of probably five or six hundred people, there must have been a policeman for every five people. So congratulations China on taking what's meant to be a good sporting event and turning it into a political nightmare for all concerned. In my photo you can just see the flame on the top of the bus that has the cordon of police around it! Really bringing the world together there ;-)

Anyway it was a good walk, nice and quiet because of the rubbish weather, but lots of interesting things to look at. Now back to work!