IdeaJam site updated

It's been a fun weekend of developing and testing culminating in the upgrade of the public IdeaJam site to run the version of IdeaJam which our customers are using. Even upgrading the design of the public site which was a mish-mash of versions from around Lotusphere time, the database upgrades went incredibly smoothly. The main new features which are visible to you now are the header stats, new statistics page, preview of comments as you type, and most cool, the integration of NCT Remember Me which means that you don't have to keep logging in to the site every time you want to vote.

As ever we have an enourmous task list of changes still to make, but if you have an idea then follow our mantra of "use the system to build the system" and post an idea. If people like if then we'll add it to the to do list.