What does your work environment look like?

Paul, Bruce and Jamie have posted photos of their home offices. I can't believe how organised they all are. I suspect there may have been some frenzied tidying before they snapped the pictures ;-)

Well these are a couple of photos of my desk as it it this morning (no tidying, sorry Mum!)...
My Desk
I work in my living room (the downside of being in a flat). And like Jamie the majority of the money I have spent on office type things was on the chair. When you're sat down for 10+ hours a day it's well worth investing in something comfortable. My Desk
Like the opthers, I've got two screens, but for me, it's two laptops. The main Macbook Pro is sat on a Griffin laptop stand, and that's the work machine. Then the Macbook deals with music, podcasts, Skype and chat clients. It all works rather well to be honest. If I could change anything it would be to get a 23" screen to plug the MBP into, but that's for when I win the lottery!