ILUG 2008 Call for Abstracts

The planning for ILUG is hotting up and now Paul has put out the call for abstracts.

The aim is to get as many good speakers into the three days as possible so if you have a good idea then send an email to sketching out what you'd like to talk about. As Paul says...

The only condition we have is that it is reasonably funky.... We try to keep clear of strategic sessions as much as possible. If you have an idea for a cool session, jot it down and send it to us asap!. Remember
1. Suits on speakers is just wrong at ILUG
2. This is a user group - informality is the key
3. Bad language is welcomed, and sometimes encouraged ;-)
4. Session length is an hour.
We will be doing speedgeeking, but not working on that just yet.

Here is an example of one of Paul's abstracts for Lotusphere.

AdminBlast... Over 60 tips in 60 minutes.
Bring coffee to this session as Paul Mooney brings you though over 60 administration tips aimed at improving the domino server environment for all the administrators. This brain dump of configuration features, notes.ini parameters and recommendations covers almost every aspect of Domino servers, and you are guaranteed to pick up something new.