Day 1 - Opening General Session

OK this is attempt two, I did live blog the session but managed to delete it all at the end! D'oh!

This was nothing to do with me installing the 8.5 Mac Beta Lotus Notes client which worked flawlessly, and seemingly faster than 7.0.3!

The session itself was all a little underwhelming. Let's deal with the negatives first. The keynote speaker was Don Costas, a sports presenter from the US so all of us Europeans were immediately at a loss. But the content of his speech had little or nothing to do with Lotus and IBM, followed by a rant about the upcoming Beijing Olympics. All a little odd to be honest.

The actual content of the main session was al fine, there was just nothing that leapt out at me as big news. I guess the closest thing was the Lotus Foundations product which is aimed at the SMB market. Other than that it was just update announcements for 8.0.1 and 8.5. All of it is looking good so putting a positive spin on the session, the strategy which was announced last year was headed in the right direction so this year it is more of the same.

Designer on Eclipse is looking good, can't wait to try it out, but there were no announcements of even the beta program so I would be surprised if we see it before Q3 this year.

So overall a little underwhelming. There was nothing wrong with the announcements, there was just nothing in particular to get excited about.

Because of the two OGS's this year there was a second session running for those not in the main theatre. This was actually really god, totally non-Lotus but amusing and interesting. I hope that they repeat this next year.

Right this was just a quick brain dump, I'll do my full round up later in the week once I've seen the meat of the announcements.