Day -2

Luckily the crash landing at Heathrow doesn't seem to have had any knock on effect on Gatwick this morning so the plane claims to be on schedule. I arrived in plenty of time but actually managed to get from home through security in less than 90 minutes so I'll be kicking my heels for a couple of hours. Oh well the Wifi is strong and there is always plenty to do at the moment.

Tha plan for today is to get to the Dolphin for about 6-ish this evening, sort out the room and then head on over to the Oirish Pub to meet up with Declan and Terri and whoever else is among the early arrivals. Then tomorrow we'll do a shopping run to a Mac store and a beer shop for room provisions before heading over to the Boardwalk for the BALD gathering. Hope to see you there if you're in Orlando.

If you want to get hold of me my mobile (cell) number +47767384970.