Back from UKLUG

Well I just got home from the hotel in Hatfield where we had the drinks reception last night. UKLUG seemed to go very well, the attendance was excellent with the keynote session from Kevin Cavanaugh being completely packed out. And then right through the day each session was well attended. The lab seemed to do well at the break times as people checked out Notes 8 (some for the first time).

The actual setup of the day was very simple, two rooms, plus the lab which was where I spent most of my time. We did have a minor panic setting up the laptops which IBM had kindly loaned us as, once they were all plugged in we discovered that noone knew the passwords to get in! So we were rushing on Wednesday morning to get the VMWare images installed for the servers and then setting up 10 client machines with Notes 8 clients. In the end we managed to get the whole job done in just 90 minutes which was pretty good going.
Hopefully everyone enjoyed the day and got something useful out of it. I certainly met a lot of interesting people and the general feedback I was picking up was very positive for future events. There were a huge number of people helping out, but most thanks should go to Warren and Kitty who put in a truly staggering amount of work to make the day run smoothly.

Now I have to admit my head's a little sore this morning as we had a few beers after the drinks reception but the break was well deserved after a hard day's work. So I am just going to chill out for the rest of the day. Then back to the real world to catch up on work. So while I head off, I've uploaded a few photos to Flickr