Back to work

Well after a superb weekend, about the only good weather we've had all summer, lots of beer and wine and good company, it's back to the real world this morning. At the moment sleep is a valuable commodity with three fairly major pieces of work going on at the same time. I can't complain though as all of them are pretty interesting. In the next month or so a lot of this is coming to a head so things are likely to be pretty quiet here for a while.

In other news, did you see that we have Kevin Cavanaugh coming to do the opening session of UKLUG at the end of September. This is a major coup for as Kevin is basically in charge of the development of Notes and Domino "running Notes/Domino/Quickr etc. from a product and brand management perspective" (thanks Ed). We are waitlisted for attendees, but you never know, you may get in as other people can't make it. If not then there's always next year.