DIIOP to Domino from JBoss

OK, so it's Domino peculiarity of the week time.

I have a servlet running on JBoss which needs to access a Domino database on Server B/MyDomain. So I create a session using NotesFactory.createSession("serverb.mydomain", "my username", "my password"). The session establishes fine but when I use session.getCurrenctServer() it returns "Server A/MyDomain". It effectively means that I am unable to access any databases on Server B.

This became an urgent problem, but we're only in test at the moment so my short term solution was to quickly build a new server in its own Domino domain. It appears from our current set up that, using CORBA / DIIOP, you are unable to access any server than the one which was originally configured for the IIOP site within a single Domino domain. Can anyone confirm this, because I'm struggling here.