Nokia N95 Firmware upgrade

Because we won't be getting the sainted iPhone in the UK until the end of the year, I have a Nokia N95 as my current handset. It's good but not great and today I discovered why. The mobile operators int he UK seem to have hobbled the phone firmware down at a crappy version ( in my case which gives an old set of software for the camera, GPS, battery life etc. Well Nokia is currently running at around version 12 which is better in every respect. So I found this site which tells you how to flash the firmware by changing the phone's product code. Half an hour and a 115mb download later and I have, effectively, a brand new phone that has better battery life, camera, GPS support, 3.5g data and more that I haven't looked into yet.

The only reason that I can think of for Orange to not allow me to upgrade my firmware without the fairly deep hacks required at the moment are to prevent me using VoiP and thus earn them more money, so you can be sure that the first thing I do over the weekend will be to download the latest version of Skype for Symbian :)