Busy busy busy

Things are incredibly busy at the moment with a major project in my day job taking up well over 100% of my time for that client. But in the background Defectr is ticking along nicely. We recently went over 500 registered users, of which about 20% are active on a daily basis which I think is not a bad conversion ratio. Hopefully the upcoming release of Dojo 0.9 will continue to improve things. My understanding is that it's basically a rip and replace of the 0.4 version but once 0.9 is out the API will be basically locked.

In other news I've been playing around with Ruby on Rails for a little application idea I've had. I know I'm a bit behind the times but I think it's still worth picking up those technologies which move beyond the fad stage if only to be able to talk to other techies in terms they can understand when I have to explain Domino to them (a problem I was having last week in Germany with some hardcore J2EE developers who were sneering at Domino).

The thing I'm enjoying most about the Ruby on Rails playing is that I don't need to fire up Windows to do anything, it's pure Mac and boy does that make a difference. As usual the refrain rings out, "Roll on Domino Designer on the Mac".