If you're interested in the internet you'll have heard of Twitter. Well a newer competitor is called Jaiku. It's different from Twitter in that it is more presence based than being purely a mini blog. With a little client installed on your phone it works out where you are automagically and updates the site when you move locations. It also lets you combine multiple RSS feeds into one, so I'm able to combine, 11tmr, 50WordReview, del.icio.us, Flickr and Defectr all into one lovely big feed which, if you have several sites may be useful for cross-site publicity. It's quite an interesting concept that I'll be playing with over the next few weeks. You can see my Jaiku badge on the right at the moment (if you're reading this in RSS you'll have to visit the site sorry!). Have a play anyway, my Jaiku name is mattwhite.