And relax

The journey over to Boston was a little delayed due to an air traffic computer crash but otherwise uneventful. I slept for a long time last night due to the lack of sleep over the last few days plus quite a hectic schedule over the last few months. I really needed this break.

So for the next few days I'm playing tourist, you can see my photos here as I add them but as I said, blog posting will be sporadic as I just unwind. I was thinking I should play with the Beta 3 CD which I picked up in Dublin but I think that can just wait until I get home as well.

The weather here is beautiful, sunny and not too hot. Although tomorrow it's meant to be mid-80s so maybe I'll just find a few nice looking bars and chill out. Oh I love holidays ;-)

Tuesday night I have a ticket to see the Red Sox play Cleveland which I'm really looking forward to, it'll be a first visit to Fenway Park for me. But for the moment let's enjoy the holiday weekend and relax.