ILUG2007 Wrapup

So it's early on Saturday morning and ILUG is all finished, for me at least, there is a geek tour today but I have to get back to London to get on another plane to Boston. I'm going to be posting slightly more sporadically than usual as I try to fit in as much relaxation time as possible over the next couple of weeks until I get home again.

ILUG couldn't have gone better all round. There were well over 200 people in attendance plus the cream of the Lotus speaking community. Everyone needs to offer great thanks and appreciation to Paul, Eileen, Kitty, Warren, Duffbert and Bill for the incredible amount of work they've put into organising this completely free event. It seems like it will be happening again next year so make sure you get registered for ILUG 2008 if you didn't manage to get onto the list this year.

Thursday night, IBM laid on free beers both during and after the Speedgeeking , I think everyone made the most of the free booze, I know I did and was regretting it Friday morning. But a lot of water and a tea later all was well with the world again. There was an excellent set of sessions on during the day with a behind the scenes look at Lotusphere, Portal integration with Domino and Rob Novak's free code (and beer) ones all standing out for me. We also learned that pulling up all of the AV cabling was a lot easier than putting it down. 15 minutes after the closing session everything was packed up and stored away in the overnight room. And we were off to the Geek dinner.

A really fun evening, I'm guessing there'll be a few storeis doing the rounds on the different blogs, there were certainly some incriminating photos that were being planned for blackmail use. I had to duck out at about 11 to try and get some sleep before the early start this morning so I don't know what state people are going to be in this morning. I'm going to take a wild stab and say that there will be some sore heads on the geek tours today.

When I get to Heathrow in a couple of hours it will be a quick terminal transfer and another plane journey off to Boston for a while. If you're around and fancy a pint one evening then just drop me a line.

Now hopefully I can get some sleep on the plane!