ILUG2007 Day 1

The journey over to Dublin yesterday was as painless as you could hope for. I bumped into a few people headed over here as well so we shared a taxi from the airport.

I had volunteered to help out with the setup and was taken at my word, a whole group of us were down in the conference area organising the cabling to Warren's amazing amount of kit. Everything was done by about 11pm by which time everyone was so knackered that I had a single pint and then off to bed.

We were all up early to finish the setting up and registration area at which point I managed to enjoy the sessions rather than worrying about organisation like Paul, Kitty, Warren and Eileen have been all day. Honestly when you see how much work they put into this you really have to take your hat off to them. It also gives a huge insight into what organising a big conference like Lotusphere must be like. Just enourmous amounts of effort.

The day seems to be going well, there's a really good crowd, over 200 people, with a lot of the big names from the Domino community either presenting or attending. Tonight is "Speed Geeking" reprised from Lotusphere followed by an IBM hosted drinks reception at a local bar. So I'm guessing there'll be even less sleep than last night.

Just as well I have a few days off next week to recover!