Annual New Phone

I got the annual call from Orange over the weekend asking whether I'd like to renew my mobile contract. I'm never sure why they bother as I always end up getting more service for less money and a new handset into the bargain. I'm not an especially good customer for them, I mean I do have a monthly contract but I rarely exceed my package talk, text or data limits.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, however, I managed to wangle a spanking new Nokia N95 out of them plus free, unlimited data on evenings and weekends (not sure if they know what they've let themselves in for there!) and a few more free SMS messages per month.

The N95 is a really impressive piece of kit with every type of connectivity you can think of, a GPS receiver, a 5 megapixel camera and even a proper 3.5mm headphone socket! There are so many toys on it that I was kept busy all yesterday afternoon playing. Bizarrely the camera on the phone now has a higher resolution than my old Sony point 'n' click, I still think the pictures from the Sony are better but the convenience of everything in one device can't be overstated.

Of course with the Symbian operating system there are lots of software goodies to download and play with as well... Jaiku, Salling Clicker and Shozu are three of the first. I may give the Nokia podcasting application another try as well.

Ah, you have to love shiny new toys. :-)