A demo iText application

I always find the best way to learn some new geekery is to write something with it rather than just reading a book. So in that spirit I've used one of my spare domain names to bring you Invoicr. I know, you're wondering where I got the idea for the name from, let's just call it inspiration!

So Invoicr is a simple form which uses a couple of neat little Javascript-y things in Andrew Tetlaw's really easy field validation with Prototype and the DHTML XGrid for the dynamic table.

They are nice but not really the point of the app, which was to play around with iText which I mentioned earlier this week. The PDF I'm producing doesn't really stretch what iText is capable of but it does show off element positioning, tables, font formatting etc which is all I really need at the moment. So have a look and if you're interested in how it all works, then you can get the nsf here.