Sailing Clicker

It's obviously a week for new software. On the recommendation of Leo Laporte on the Macbreak Weekly show I downloaded Sailing Clicker for my phone to give it a try.

Basically it acts as a remote control for your Mac but it does so much cool stuff it's well worth checking out. If you get a phone call, for example, it mutes your computer, flashes the incoming number (or name if it is entered into your phone's address book!) onto the screen and when the calls finishes resumes as before. Then when you walk away from the computer it will pause iTunes, mark your iChat status as away and lock your screen saver. If you do presenting then your phone can control Powerpoint or Keynote and if you use iTunes it acts as a full remote with access to playlists, album art etc. And all of this in an idiot proof control panel. Very nice.