Sametime for Mac First Impressions

So I've been using the new Sametime client on my laptop for the last couple of days now and, nice as it is to have native Apple software, I'm afraid it's not quite polished enough to call a gold release. It feels to me like a late beta or a release candidate version. There are still annoying little bugs / features which have pushed me back to continuing with Adium for the moment.

This is just a list of the bits and pieces I've found so far...
  • When you select a name in the main window, only about half of the name is actually highlighted.
  • When you "close" the main window so that it's still running, all of the menu items except the first disappear.
  • In this state, the Preferences... option doesn't work, instead you have to right click the Sametime icon in the task bar.
  • Also the only way to re-open the main window is to click the task bar icon.
  • Talking of which, you shouldn't right click the task bar icon, it should be left clicked which pops down a menu in the same way as the volume slider, battery menu etc.
  • In the preferences pane, why is there a tab for External Applications which leads to a screen which says "There are no external application preferences for this platform". If there are no options I don't want the tab at all.

    These are all minor issues but taken together it makes the product look slapdash and thrown out without sufficient testing. I would much much prefer to wait for a further round of bug fixing and testing to get the product right than have to deal with unfinished software.

    The only thing I can say is that I hope this isn't an indication of what we can expect for the Notes 8 release which is also based on the Eclipse platform.