ADSL problems continue

I've been working at home today waiting for a broadband engineer to come out as my slow broadband problems of a couple of weeks ago have resurfaced. The engineer was almost 3 hours late, but I'd anticipated that and so had enough work at home to take me through the whole day.

When he arrived he went through all of the tests on his laptop and all seemed fine with his router and microfilter so his immediate answer was to say I had a faulty router / microfilter / whatever, and not having any evidence to the contrary I had to let him go on his way. So off to PC World (I know, I know) to pick up a new ADSL modem / router / WAP. Plugged in the new box and no luck, it's still slow (like 900kb when it should be 5.5mb) so I'm back on the phone with BT. Unfortunately the BT helpdesk is run out of India and I genuinely can't understand more than one word in three of the people I'm talking to. For all I know they could be the best tech support in the world but I can't tell. This really is getting rather annoying.

So the next step is to wait until tomorrow when I know that calls to a certain number I've managed to get a hold of are routed to the UK helpdesk where I'll be able to get to the 3rd line support team without too much hassle.