Sametime Question

I've never done any development for Sametime before, but I am having to make some changes to an application at the moment. It basically allows people to walk into the building reception and book an appointment, the individual being booked gets sent a message telling them that someone is waiting. It's all very neat and everything but the problem I'm having is finding all the Sametime developers documentation? I've got the JavaDoc and PDFs from the Sametime downloads but they are just basic APIs, no descriptions of how the code actually works.

The code I've inherited is using AnnouncementService.sendAnnouncement, I need to change the message to include, in Notes terms, a link hotspot, or a URL link. I've tried everything I can think of to make the string which is being announced into HTML but nothing seems to work. So over to you Sametime gurus, where is the documentation and is what I'm trying to do even possible? I found an old Red Book written by (amongst others Carl Tyler and Rob Novak) which implies what I'm trying to do is only available through the web interface rather than the Connect client, but that's not explicitly stated.