Domino Dojo Discussion Database

I've had quite a few emails from people asking how to get started using Dojo in their Domino applications, so rather than repeating myself a lot I thought I'd bash together a demonstration database.

The refuge for a lack of imagination is the classic Discussion database, we've all been there in some for or another so I thought I'd take that old chestnut and bring it up to date a little. And the result can be seen here.

So a little about the database. It is a working demonstration, meaning you can create documents to see how it works but I haven't done extensive testing, unless there is a lot of feedback I can't see this becoming a "proper" application. The aim is to show some of the main Dojo features in action in a relatively simple Domino context. The main ones you're seeing are:
- the layout widgets to control the pseudo frames
- the button widget to make nice looking action buttons
- the tree widget to display the left hand action bar and the thread display
- the combo box widget when creating new documents
- and last but not least the editor widget that allows rich text input.

As a starting point, open the design of the database (download link further down this entry) and open the form called "index.htm". It controls the main page layout. the other forms are pretty simple to allow the creation of new discussions and replies. Personally I always prefer just to dig around in the source code to find my way, but if you have specific questions or issues please leave a comment here or drop me an email.

Download the NSF