Session JS File

Jake has been talking a lot recently about YUI-EXT, yet another Javascript framework. It looks nice but I am betting on Dojo becoming the standard, at least in the Domino world based upon the stuff demo'd at Lotusphere this year. The implication was that Dojo will, over the next few releases be used in iNotes and other official Domino web templates.

That is beside the point though. Jake has come up with a great idea for a NotesSession class to be available in Javascript and this doesn't have to apply to any one framework, or indeed any framework at all. To be honest this had never occurred to me but, like all good ideas, it's so simple I think I'm going to spend a little time putting something very similar into a couple of my apps.

If you do any serious Javacript in your apps I'd definitely recommend having a look. The benefits should become immediately apparent to you.