An interesting few days

It's been a busy but less than great week. Work has been spent dealing with idiotic and spiteful users. A user had a problem with one of our sites so we were trying to help as much as possible, even though I suspect it is a local issue. I had asked for some screen shots of the problem to try and diagnose it but instead the user refused to provide those and complain to our senior management that we weren't solving the problem. A strange strategy, as I feel somewhat less inclined to help now that I did before!

Then of course yesterday my Windows installation on the Macbook Pro decided to go belly up, blue screening every time I booted it. Luckily I had a recent back up of the data so nothing lost except the four hours required to rebuild it last night.

And then this morning, I am working at home. I was beavering away on some very funky javascript when the person who lives below my flat knocked on the door to say she thought I had a water leak. It actually appears that it's the flat above me with the problem and the water is running down the outside of a pipe through my flat with no real damage and into the flat below where it is beginning to form a puddle. Luckily the building handy man is around today so he's straight onto the problem. This, I guess is the downside of living in a block. To be honest, everything else about the place is spot on for me so I'm not too worried.

And on the upside today, my brother and his family are coming to stay for the weekend. They are seeing the place for the first time, so tomorrow we'll be heading out on the river taxi to see London as it should be done, from the water.

Now if I could only get rid of this bloody cold and cough I've had all week.