Laptop Change

I was beavering away last night on the shrink wrapping of Idea Jam when my aptop started to make the most god-awful noise. One of the fans seems to have become warped, but the problem is that now it doesn't actually do the job of cooling the machine any more so after about 20 minutes use it shuts itself down with warning message. Now I do have Apple Car but when I spoke to them, they said the best they can do is fix it in 5 days which just isn't an option for me. So it was off to the Apple Store on Regent Street this morning to get a replacement (5 months earlier than planned). Since my last purchase they now sell the high spec machines in the store so within ten minutes I was back out with a top spec Mac Book Pro 17" (2.6ghz processor, high resolution and 200gb 7200rpm disk). And then two hours later all of my files had been restored from my last Time Machine backup and I'm up and running again.

Not really a planned switch but painless (other than to the bank balance). I'll get my old machine fixed and then sell it on eBay to try and affray some of the losses so I guess I treat this as a late Christmas present to myself.