Latest Beta of Idea Jam released

I headed up to Suffolk to see my parents and sister over the weekend, a really nice couple of days if a little short as I had to get back to London. "Why?", I hear you ask, well because we wanted to get the latest version of the Idea Jam released to the live site. It took a couple of hours as there was quite a lot of data migration to do, but it seems to be pretty stable now so an email has gone out to all of the beta testers. But please do feel free to go and have a look around.

If you spot any problems then please drop one of us a line and we'll try and get to it as soon as possible.

I guess it's pretty obvious why things have been so quiet around here lately, unfortunately things aren't going to get any better soon, my "day job" has a huge project going live mid November so with two systems going live at around the same time, the opportunities to blog are few and far between.