Lotusphere2007 - Day 4 - The morning after...

Last night saw us at the inaugral Speedgeeking session. I have no idea how the presenter's managed it, the idea was that 12 presenters gave a 5 minute presentation to 12 different groups of people, then the groups moved to the next presenter. People like Paul and Bill were trying to get through 30 tips in 5 minutes and barely took a breath. Surprisingly there was even some good content but even where there wasn't it was still good fun.

Rocky had cleverly arranged for buses to run from the Yacht to the party so that we didn't have to rush back to the Dolphin, unfortunately it was not good weather, with constant rain all evening. In fact it's still raining this morning, I don't think I've ever seen this in Florida before. Oh well, we're inside most of the time anyway but by the time we left the park we were soaked through.

After going to my room to dry off it was back out to see who was around and rather than going down to the bar (again) I ended up in someone's room cleaning out their minibar. I thought it was helping the inevitable cold I picked up but this morning I'd say not! Not that I was the person in the worst shape in the Blogger's BOF which Ed had cruelly arranged for 7am. Paul and a whole gang of people just hadn't bothered going to bed at all. Even with that the discussion was lively as ever, nothing especially new but several people seem to be having the same experience as me of recruiters cold calling them on the basis of their blogs rather than references from co-workers etc. It's an interesting new development, long may it continue.

So we're into the last day, there's only a couple of normal sessions but from late this morning we have Gurupalooza followed by "Beat the Developers" both of which are always fun and then the closing session. Hopefully IBM have the nerve to hire a decent comedian like last year and to live with any criticism that may generate.