Lotusphere2007 - Day 3 - Worst Practices and more

An early start this morning to get over to the Swan and bag a seat for Worst Practices, Bill and Paul reprised last year's presentation with all new stories from the trenches. Very funny.

The rest of the day is going to be in sessions over here in the Dolphin. Unfortunately there's no "The Boss Loves Microsoft" session this year, a sign of confidence on IBM's part I guess but a lot of people are sat here waiting for Ed and Julian's selling Notes and Domino in your organisation which may act as a good replacement.

Ooh, one thing I forgot to mention yesterday is the new site Many Eyes which IBM Research launched this week. It's the result of a year's research into how statistics can be better displayed for analysis. As ever the research team are doing some very cool stuff, in their labs Many Eyes is just one of about 20 different projects they're running. Well worth a look either online or at the Dolphin.