Lotusphere2007 - Day 2 - AJAX Sessions

Tuesday morning is AJAX morning. Earlier I was in the Great Code Giveaway run by the guys from Snapps. I do a lot of Ajax work day to day but there are always a few tips which I pick up to make the session worthwhile. They have the great knack of doing really cool stuff in a simple way, the download database can just be taken back to the office and used with almost no prior knowledge.

The nice thing to see is that the framework which people seem to be doing their serious work in is Dojo which I have used as the basis of Defectr and predicted some time ago would become the standard framework for rich web applications.

Some cool stuff in Domino 8 with Ajax like "...?readviewentries&outputformat=JSON" (also applies to readdesign and readentries). which will save having to design pages for all of your JSON needs. In fact, although it's unsupported, the function is actually available today in 7.0.2, yet another thing to try out when I get back to the office.