PLFNEBGT : Pre Lotusphere Friday Night Early Bird Get Together

The journey was easy but long yesterday, I got into the hotel at about 7:30. Just in time to head down to Tubbys for a burger before Declans PLFNEGBT gathering. Within 5 minutes I had bumped into Kevin and his family. And that really set the tone for the evening, meeting up with old friends and meeting some new faces. It's going to be a good week if the volume of laughter at the bar was anything to go by.

Of course the night was stolen by Bill who's amazing new hairstyle may not catch on but will certainly get him noticed!

There were a lot of Brits having a beer and desperately trying to stay awake, I lasted until about 11 and, I think, wisely decided to go and get some sleep.

Of course today is more of the same with Bruce's BALD gathering on the Boardwalk followed by the Turtle's annual get together at the ESPN bar. And this is all before Bill's 40th tomorrow which looks like it'll be in Jelly Rolls rather than the ESPN as previously advertised.

Right off to get some breakfast now.