Lotusphere Build-up Begins

It's only a week now until I leave for Orlando and another Lotusphere. The general buzz about the conference is of a similar level to last year which can only be a good thing. So I thought I'd leave a little information for people wanting to get hold of me and some other bits gleaned from around the blogosphere...

  • I'll be staying in the Dolphin, Ben's annual wiki has a page for room numbers which will be the place for more information when people have checked in.
  • I'm arriving on Friday afternoon and as yet have no plans for the evening so if anyone fancies a trip over to Downtown Disney or the Boardwalk drop me a line will be joining Declan et al down at the pool bar of the Dolphin from 8-ish onwards.
  • My mobile (cell) number is +44 7767 384970
  • The Wednesday night party is at Animal Kingdom. I think once I've been there it leaves just MGM as the only park I've not been to.
  • The first semi-official gathering of the week is Bruce's Blogger's Annual Lotusphere Dinner (check the acronym to see why the event is especially well titled for me ;o)

    Can't wait to catch up with everyone over the next couple of weeks.