Busy couple of months ahead

Things are quiet on here at the moment as other things in life are taking over. Work is settling down to a constant state of mayhem but then that's how I like it, nothing worse than having nothing to do. The main project which I was brought in for also seems to be getting towards the end of the spec-writing stage so lots of coding to look forward to.

But the main news is that I've sold my house so I need to find somewhere new to live. The plan is one I've had for quite a while but events conspired against actually being able to move. In the last year the market has picked up quite a bit and because I'm in a fairly long contract at the moment it seems a good time to finally make the move down to London. The fact that the trains have been an absolute nightmare over the last couple of weeks only makes the prospect of a much shorter commute all the more appealing.

The hard work begins now though, I have an offer on my house but I haven't found anywhere to buy and when I do we'll have quite a long housing chain which are notoriously difficult to manage and often break down. Hopefully my solicitor will be able to keep things on track. But in the meantime I have to find somewhere to live, I have a load of property viewing booked in various areas of London this week, hopefully something will be right for me. Obviously moving into the city I am going to be losing a lot of space, currently I'm in a three storey house with three large bedrooms (one of which is my office). The most likely place I'll be going to is a two bedroom apartment, probably without car parking. Lots of "consolidation" to do over the next few weeks of all of my accumulated crap, but it's good to have a serious clearout once in a while.