House move progress

Things have been very quiet here over the last couple of weeks simply because there aren't enough hours in the day. I accepted an offer on my house over two weeks ago but after that had to start looking for somewhere to live.

Being honest I thought finding a flat in London would be easier than it has proved to be. About ten days ago I found somewhere I wanted to put an offer in on and phoned the bank to confirm my mortgage agreement in principle. Unfortunately because of a couple of things earlier in the year (when I took a couple of months off work) the application took longer than anticipated and so I lost out on the flat I wanted to buy.

No matter, I had a second choice of place which I then proceeded to put an offer in on. Unfortunately the people selling that one decided that they were going to take it off the market the same day I offered! Beginning to think that I was being conspired against I started looking again. This is where it gets interesting. I found a place I really liked on the River Thames looking across to Canary Wharf, the problem was that the flat was quite a bit above my (self imposed) budget. I decided to take a punt to see whether my luck had changed and as expected the offer was rejected out of hand. I returned with a slightly higher offer but still much lower than the asking price and just sat and waited. Well last night I got a call to say that, shock, horror, my offer has been accepted.

This is great news as I think I'm getting a great deal, now I just have to try and get everything moving with the solicitor and bank as quickly as possible. But hopefully it means I'll be moving some time towards the end of October, or beginning of November assuming that there are no more problems.

My commute will be dropping from just under two hours each way to under 30 minutes. Not sure what I'm going to do with all the extra time! Woohoo!