MacBook Pro is not a lemon

Over at Gizmodo they have posted an article about David Ciccone who has given up on the MacBook Pro as being a lemon after some pretty awful customer service.

I realise that even here you may get the idea that the MacBook Pro is not a good machine as I have only posted about the issues I've had with Boot Camp recently. In reality though, Boot Camp is a beta product and I knew that when I decided to make use of it, the problems are not show stoppers and the community support has been great over at the Apple discussion boards.

Other than these problems my machine is over 3 months old now and I am really pleased with it. In fact over the last few weeks I have been doing some radical consolidation of my machines so that now I only have two (at one point there were 5!). One is the server running this site, the other is my MBP. Because of Boot Camp (even with all of it's foibles) if I need Windows then I just reboot and the performance is more than enough for even my heavy duty development needs.

The commonly reported problems of the frayed power cords and overheating have not affected me. My old PB got hot when I used it for 8 or 9 hours straight, so does the MBP but it's not significantly worse. Likewise I've not had any of the instances of squealing or moo-ing sounds coming from inside the machine.

Overall I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I think that given the cost I would be very quick to complain. I pay a premium and therefore expect a premium product which is why David's experience is so unfortunate. I just want to try and put the other side of the argument which is not quite so interesting but, I would guess is far more common. Happy people don't generally make a lot of noise after all.