Good Web Site Design Source

Now that I'm settled into the new job and have a bit of a routine going I am able to get back to my own work. It's one of those ongoing projects that you hack away at for ages with some vague idea that it will turn into the next big thing on the internet. Even if it doesn't I enjoy playing with it. Anyway it is getting to the point where I am putting the UI together. This is not one of my strong points, I know what a good site looks like, I just struggle to bring it into reality when writing the CSS myself.

So I was looking around today and found Template Monster, a site which sells the basis of numerous site designs. You can either by a non exclusive copy or the outright version of the design. I have gone for a relatively simple design but nicely put together and all for the grand sum of $42. Not a bad investment I hope. I suppose that will become clear if/when the project sees the light of day.