West Wing Finale

Over here in the UK we have just had the last episodes of The West Wing over the weekend. I think everyone pretty much agrees that when Aaron Sorkin left the writing team (around season 4) that the quality began to drop and a long slow move towards soap story lines began. The 7th and final season was a minor improvement but I have to say I was really disappointed by the last episode.

There was such potential for a great and moving send off, by the time it was shot everyone already knew that the show had been cancelled so there was no need to worry about continuity into the next season. Instead we got a fairly bland inauguration day and uninteresting closure stories for all the characters bar CJ.

Even though I'm moaning I will definitely miss the show in the future, it was still one of the best things on television. Now we are left with only a few things that are actually worth watching...

My must watch list is now pretty short and includes The Shield, 24, Futurama (when it comes back) and Top Gear. What else can people recommend?