Impressed with FeedBurner

After switching my feeds over to FeedBurner at the weekend I am so far very impressed. I guess a lot of you will have seen a couple of changes come through the feed, such as my Flickr photos and feeds. Maybe less obvious are the links to Email This, post to and search the Spere. All relatively useful and just added by default (if you want them).

From my point of view as the "publisher" the stats are interesting as well. There seem to be far more people than I realised who are subscribed, (I had thought maybe 50 or 60 people but FeedBurner reckons it's about 160!). There is a subscription service which I haven't signed up to which gives you further detail but I am happy with what I have so far.

The Domino configuration was very easy as well, just had to create a redirection rule for the website configuration in Domino Administrator so that all of the old rss requests are now forwarded on to FeedBurner. The only problem I can anticipate is if/when I move the site to a new location and you haven't manually switched your RSS feed to the new URL, but hopefully I'll be able to handle that with further URL redirections on the new server.

In short I'd definitely recommend switching your feed(s) across to FeedBurner.