A weekend of cricket

I was up in Nottingham again this weekend to enjoy a trip to Trent Bridge and the third test between England and Sri Lanka. With all the rain we've been having recently I was fearing the worst but in the end both days of the weekend were just right. Saturday was scorching, but at least we could go inside, when we were in the stands on Sunday it would have been impossible to avoid the really serious sunshine (or rain if there were any) so overall it couldn't have been better.

The cricket itself was pretty poor to be honest, Sri Lanka have got themselves into a position at the end of the third day where England need to post a record run chasing score and there are a few injuries to deal with as well. But the beauty of watching cricket is that there are always other things to see besides the sport. I think we were in the roudiest stand on Sunday with several stag parties all trying to out drink and out sing each other. Lots of beer was drunk (except by me unfortunately as I had to drive home last night), to the point where one guy who was three sheets to the wind twice tried to carry a tray of beers back to his seat but failed both times due to the barrage of things thrown at him by the rest of the croud. Very funny.

If you're looking for a chilled day out there are not many better ways to go than a day at the cricket with a newspaper, a few drinks and good company.

It'll be interesting to keep an eye on the scoreboard today to see if England pull the game back from the brink, I'd be very surprised but they have managed it in the past so we'll keep the faith for the moment.