Party Time

A friend was having their leaving do last night in the City, a night when every single person was trying to get into a bar or pub to watch the football. Luckily we managed to find a square inch to stand in and hold a beer or two or three or four and see the game. It's always good fun when England score in such a packed environment, everyone just goes mad although they did keep us waiting.

Tonight is a traditional champagne and curry night (entering the sixth glorious year of these Domino team celebrations). So off to Tower 42, the Fishmarket and finally Brick Lane. Of course I'd love to be in Ireland for the ILUG today but with the new job couldn't make it so this is a very nice substitute evening instead.

Good luck goes to Paul and all the rest of the stellar list of presenters today in Dublin. How Paul managed to get everyone together is a really impressive achievement, no doubt there will be stories a-plenty in the blogs over the next few days. They can only get better after the shocking photo of Bill that got released this morning.