Getting information from a user's person document

OK this is a really simple little tip using an @Formula which I had completely forgotten about (hence the post really). The situation is that we have multiple cascaded NABs (or Directory Assistance directories or whatever the cool kids are calling them these days), the current user could have their person document in any of them depending on the user type. I was trying to do a lookup into each of the NABs to find a field on the person document, inefficient and stupid as the NABs are properly secured so the user can't even do the lookup in the first place!

Enter the @NameLookup function which will go through all of the NABs on the server looking for you and return a specified field name like so:

@NameLookup([Exhaustive]; @UserName; "OfficeCountry")

I just love simple answers to problems. It's just a little embarassing that I forgot about this one. does still have its uses!

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