Creative Commons

You may notice the new Creative Commons license which applies to all code on this site now.

Really I don't care if you use my code but after a recent experience I just find it rude and a little silly if you remove any attribution which may have been added to the source code. We all borrow code from the internet, our jobs would be nigh on impossible without doing so but please try and give credit to the author where possible. Apart from anything else the person who tries to pass off someone else's code as their own just sets themselves up for a fall in the future.

No more will be said of the matter!

Update I just reread this and I sound like a bit of a tosser. Not meaning to, but I have taken care to include the names of people whose code has helped me within my sample code, I wouldn't want their contributions to go unnoticed (or indeed for others to think I am being hypocritical!)