New York (Day 3)

I decided to try and get into the Apple Store for the sit down with JJ Abrams, so it seemed did about 300 other people, luckily I got there with plenty of time and so managed to get a seat. It was a really good hour of discussion about Mission Impossible 3 (which he directed), Lost and Alias. I'd not been to anything similar in the past but he was so enthusiastic about film making and Apple technology (it was in the Apple store after all) that it reminded me of some of the Lotus geeks presenting at Lotusphere. Just that infectiousness of enjoying your job. An excellent decision to go in the end.

After that session I headed back up towards Central Park and just wandered around again, the weather has just been superb over the last couple of weeks (I haven't seen any rain since Salt Lake City), so I've been trying to make the most of it for my last full day in the US. My plane is tomorrow evening so I have to head off to JFK at about 2pm. A nice and leisurely morning is called for, get some breakfast, maybe go back to Central Park and then get on the road until Thursday morning.