Back to Work

To be honest I thought it would take somewhat longer to find a new contract but it's always nice to be surprised. In total I've spent eight days looking and this morning I heard that one of the earlier contracts which I thought had gone were actually very keen to hire me. So a little bit of negotiation later (not much to be honest, the work seems pretty interesting) and we have an agreement. Everything is happening quickly now as they want me to start tomorrow, so I have to get my brain back into proper work mode, buy train tickets, iron shirts and exciting things like that.

I've really enjoyed not working for a while, it's given me a much needed break, not because I was particularly tired but because I had been in the same job for a long time and things were beginning to get me down a little. Hopefully a new company, new colleagues and new projects will keep me reinvigorated. The only down side is that I had been making some real progress with my own applications and that's going to slow down dramatically now. Still earning a little money after just spending (quite heavily) since March makes me feel a lot better!