Nothing much happening

After a great and hugely relaxing few weeks away it's back to the real world and thinking about finding some work.

So far I have sent my CV out to a few select recruitment agencies to see what sort of reaction I get. It's an interesting process made somewhat easier by the fact that I can be quite picky about what work I accept as I can afford to wait for a job which is really appealling rather than just taking the first thing that comes along.

For obvious reasons I can't post a huge amount about what's happening so things are going to go silent here for a while, still keep the RSS reader subscribed and I'll let you know when normal service will resume. In the meantime I'll try and do a couple of SnTT posts (although probably not this week I'm afraid).

One of the other big bonuses at the moment is that I can enjoy the weather for a change, it's been pretty good weather so far other than a bit of rain. Who needs holidays for a sun tan eh?