New York (Day 2)

I always forget how much I enjoy being in New York, there's always something to do even if it's just sit and watch everyone rushing about their business while you have a cup of tea. I headed up the Empire State Building this morning as I haven't done it for years and years. Always a cracking view, especially today with the beautiful weather and great visibility.

From there it was a slow amble down towards Prince Street (in SoHo) and the Apple store to pick up a few things for people back home. It's far and away the best nerdy store I've ever been in, they have a small theatre area upstairs where they do presentations about how to use Apple software, over an hour spent just looking around. In fact tomorrow as part of the Tribeca Film Festival JJ Abrams is doing a session so I may well head down there again. I managed to hold myself back from buying anything. Now that the 17" Macbook Pro has been released I know what I want next :o)

Talking of theatres I tried to get a ticket to Spamalot (what can I say I'm a Python geek as well as a Lotus geek). There are loads of tickets free but the brokers won't break up pairs of them so the cheapest I could find was over $150 which is just stupid money for a two hour show. I'll see it in London instead.