I'm here in Chicago for today and tomorrow and just as well really. When I woke up this morning the wind and rain were howling past the window, really not good for exploring the city. Still by midday things had calmed down a bit, still frickin' freezing but getting brighter. So until the weather got better I had a wander around the Art Institute where they had some Monet's and Dali's which are always good to have a long look at.

Then it was over to the other side of town to the Hancock Observatory. As the skies had cleared I got some great views and a few photos. The forecast for tomorrow is somewhat better so I'll have a nicer wander through the city centre and probably do the Sears Tower, the other tall building in the city. So far though I really like Chicago, it has the same sort of feel as New York but without the hordes of tourists (well except for me).