Kansas City, Kansas

The drive took over nine hours in the end, partly due to heavy traffic in Denver and partly to me being stopped twice by the police. The first time was a fair cop (if a little harsh) I was doing 80 in a 70 zone. I picked up a fine but I think he took a little pity on me when he heard my accent, so nothing more that that. The second stop is still a bit of a mystery to me, I was sticking studiously to the speed limit and there was no other traffic around. He asked to have a look in the boot (sorry trunk) of the car and to open my suitcase. After that we had a chat for a bit and he let me carry on. As I was driving on afterwards I was trying to work out why I was stopped and can only think it was because of the California license plates, maybe they pay a little more attention to out of state drivers?

Just a quiet night in front of the television now I think, it's been a long day.