Blue Man Group

I had heard the Blue Man Group's albums and of course seen the TV adverts for Intel which they star in but didn't really know what to expect from the whole show. In short it was great, a combination of comedy, rock music, audience participation and just plane strangeness. The show finished with an enourmous amount of tissue paper being passed over the audience from the back of the theatre to the front and then piling up on stage. In contrast to the Cirque du Soleil yesterday there was no massive engineering feat, although the lighting and stage generally were inventively done, instead they were relying on the charisma and skills of the Blue Men themselves (plus their backing band). If you have the opportunity I'd definitely recommend you get a ticket and have a look.

As I was going to the Venetian I bumped into Declan and Terri on the way to their wedding. They looked really happy (Declan maybe a little nervous). I hope you have a great honeymoon and life together guys.

We were planning to meet up later in the evening but by 10 o'clock I was just dead on my feet, all the walking up and down the Strip and a lack of sleep this week is really taking it's toll. Plus I'm up early this morning as I have a long old drive to Salt Lake City to do today. So, I'm just off to get some breakfast and then it's time to hit the road, 420 miles to go today.