Cirque du Soleil

OK the plan to go over to the Grand Canyon has been put off, it's a long old drive and the cheapest helicopter or plane tour I can find is $400, which is just ludicrous. So instead I booked shows for last night and tonight, yesterday was Cirque du Soleil, Ka. The theatre was hugely impressive, probably a thousand seat with huge scaffolding type areas right around the auditorium. The stage itself was made up of 3 or 4 moving parts, and not just moving in one dimension but the pargest part was able to rotate in all 3 dimensions, so that the performers were climbing up and down it, falling off it and more. All massively new and different, but in comparison to La Nouba I got the impression that they were relying more on the engineering and less on the skills of the performers themselves. Yes it's cool that someone falls a hundred feet of the top of the stage when it's up on end but it doesn't really compare well to the trampoline acrobatics of La Nouba.

I'm being picky, it was still great, maybe I was just spoilt with the show that I saw first.

Tonight I've got tickets to see The Blue Man Group over at the Venetian, so today it's just more relaxation and maybe a few hands of blackjack.